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Yes that is £300 worth of stuff! novelty stuff, unusual stuff, kooky stuff, unique stuff. Just lots of stuff for you and your friends. You could say it is £300 of gifts for your loved ones, but let’s face it, you will probably keep it all for yourself!

All you have to do is SHARE SHARE SHARE to WIN WIN WIN. The more you share, the more chances you will have. Simply take a look through our Facebook shop, and if you see something you like or that one of your Facebook friends will like, share it and tag a friend. The more products you share, tag and comment the more chances you will have of winning. Every action on our Facebook page between now and May 31st will be monitored and recorded.

One name will be drawn at random, with 3 runners up receiving a For Foxs Sake Mug. So get sharing and make the May Sunshine even better by winning £300 worth of random stuff. Good luck!

What is this NUKU whatsit and were did it come from?

NUKU stands for Novelty, Unique, Kooky, Unusual. As in gifts! NUKU is an online gift retailer supplying weird, wonderful and wacky stuff to UK and Worldwide customers. We are UK based, but a lot of our business comes from overseas consumers who appreciate the British sense of humour and love of all things a bit out of the ordinary.NUKU [...]

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Unusual and not so unusual gifts and sometimes a bit weird.....

It is really hard in the retail industry to stand apart from everyone else. Whenever you think you have stumbled across an  unusual and unique idea, you will always find that someone else has already thought of it. It's kind of like when you buy a new car. All of a sudden, all you see is [...]

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The not so fascinating story behind Henry the Hoover

This is our first blog post. Ever! So we wanted to make it really interesting. But unfortunately we have failed....Miserably.The idea of our blog is to tell you about some of our products and maybe give some reviews and light banter as we go along. For our first blog post we noticed an article about [...]

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