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The not so fascinating story behind Henry the Hoover

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This is our first blog post. Ever! So we wanted to make it really interesting. But unfortunately we have failed....Miserably.

The idea of our blog is to tell you about some of our products and maybe give some reviews and light banter as we go along. For our first blog post we noticed an article about Henry the Hoover and his fascinating history. Sounds good huh? Yeah we thought so too. Henry is cool. He is a British icon, so where did he come from, why is he called henry, who designed him to look like the loveable character that he is?.....

The questions could go on, but our suspense could wait no longer. We delved into the article provided by the Telegraph in keen anticipation for the answers to some of the mysteries that we had been imagining.

So what did we find out? Pretty much nothing. The article was 'all mouth and no trousers'. 'All fur coat and no knickers'. 'All hat and no cattle'. (it is an actual saying - look it up!)

What we did find was the Henry the Hoover is a much loved British Company that has refused to move production overseas due to it's commitment to quality and service. Now that is both interesting and admirable. For 30 years they have provided jobs to the Somerset economy and now produce up to 20,000 Henry Hoovers every week. Impressive stuff. Plus the same bloke Chris Duncan heads the company as he did when he fist opened it in 1970.

But what else can we tell you from this promising article? Nothing. It's not so much the 'Fascinating Story behind Henry the Hoover' as the 'Story severely lacking in interesting facts about Henry the Hoover'.

I guess we could look elsewhere to find out more about the loveable little vacuum and his misses Hetty the Hoover, but to be honest we just can't be bothered. If you can shed some light, maybe you can share it below.

Anyway, to get the the point, we love Henry and so it seems do the British Public. There is a lot of Henry Hoover merchandise available and we want to know if you would like us to sell more of it. At the moment we supply desktop henry hoovers but we can't get hold of Hetty any more. Maybe she has gone on her holidays? Or maybe they have split up. Now that would be a fascinating story. Maybe someone should call the Telegraph!


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