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Unusual and Weird Gifts

Unusual and Weird Gifts

For those that like their gift buying a little more unconventional our range of eccentric gifts should satisfy most. We sell everything from Donald Trump Toilet Paper (Theresa May is yet to place an order....) to edible scorpions. We also sell murder mystery kits, so if you want to try your hand at solving the North Korea and Kim Jong Nam murder then fill your boots.

Why NUKU? - Novelty, Unique, Unusual, Kooky - or is it Novelty, Unusual, Kooky, Unique? We can't remember, and frankly it doesn't matter.

If it's silver cufflinks you're looking to buy then maybe look elsewhere. You could buy Ed Sheerans or Taylor Swifts latest album, but lets face it, that's not very original and we don't sell them! No Brexit talk here (just a mug), or Pokemon Go, just good real bizarre stuff that gives the bit of respite we need from everyday life.....

It's the 20th Feb, Pancake Day is nearly here - check back next week for some weird pancake days offers!


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