Addictaball Maze

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Is it a ball, puzzle or maze? Well, the Addictaball is three things all rolled into one. It is a ball, and it does have a maze, this maze however is more of a puzzle. You not only have to find your way through the maze but you also have to work out how to get the ball from one obstacle to the other. 

The Addictaball sounds quite simple but is highly addictive. This puzzle ball will have you addicted and trying again and again. Fail just before the end and it's right back to the start. Solve the maze and the puzzle whilst rotating the ball to guide the ball bearing along its way. This is one ball bearing that might just defeat you.


  • 13 cms diameter with 100 stages

1 Review

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    great fun, but manufacturing defect makes it harder than it needs to be

    Posted by allan jones on 1st Jul 2016

    i first played with one of these things at an escape room, and when i found it on here i figured i'd give it a go. it's lots of fun, and plenty frustrating (in the good way!) so definitely worth the money.
    however, one of the stages has a screw that's offset, which means the ball pinches when it should flow smoothly. i tried to correct it myself, but creased the clear plastic in the process, and didn't actually fix it. oh, well. it's still usable, at least, despite my ministrations.

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