Animal Coo Clocks

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They might have been voted "Gift of the Year in 2004" over 10 years ago but the Coo Clocks are still as great as they ever were, these animal clocks are really something special. Forget the boring old cuckoo clocks, get one with a whacky farm animal popping out every hour instead.
Although they are great for kids, we think anyone with a sense of humour needs one of these.

The HawCoo is the latest to the family of 'Coo' clocks, all with each of their own cuckcoo type movement. The HawCoo is a donkey called Rufus who makes a hilarious hee haw sound on the hour. Like all the other Coo clocks HawCoo has a built in light sensor.

Each clock features a different animal and colour. Choose from the Pig, Cow, Chicken, Orangutan, Tarzan or Sheep, Donkey, Cat, Horse or Elephant. All pop out each hour (as regular as clockwork you could say) and produce their various sounds.

Instead of an annoying cuckoo, you get an oink, moo, baa, cluck, noise that an orangutan makes or a tarzan-style 'ooooaaarrr' from the AaaahCoo Clock. 

The clocks are made from tough ABS plastic and feature a matching coloured pendulum which requires them to be wall mounted rather than free standing.

To avoid being woken up by daft noises, all models are fitted with light sensors which prevents the animal from doing its stuff during the night.

New! - We now have 3 more coo clocks to add to our range of animal style cuckoo clocks. Firsty we have the Whinnycoo, on the hour will here the sound of a horse galloping along followed by ferocious neigh!

Barkcoo -  Next we have the Barkcoo clock the dog clock known as Needlenose Ned who will bark on the hour followed by an excitable panting.

Last but certainly not least we have the Elecoo clock the elephant clock known as Elle Devilla who will let out a glorius trumpet on the hour every hour.

Just remember all clocks have a light sensor so will only work when it's light and not when you're catching up on you're beauty sleep.

Clocks Available: (pictured below)

  • QuackCoo Clock - Duck  
  • MooCoo Clock - Cow
  • CluckCoo Clock - Chicken
  • OranguCoo Clock - Monkey
  • HawCoo Clock - Donkey
  • OinkCoo Clock - Pig
  • EweCoo Clock- Sheep
  • BarkCoo Clock - Dog
  • MeowCoo Clock - Cat
  • EleCoo Clock -   Elephant
  • WhinnyCoo Clock - Horse


Requires 3 x D & 1 x AA batteries (not included).

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