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The AquaVault provides you with peace of mind by providing a secure place to leave your valuables when you're on the beach or by the swimming pool. It securely attaches to most things like sunloungers or railings. You now don't have to leave your phone, wallet or room key under a towel, just stick them in the AquaVault.

The AquaVault Portable Outdoor Safe is designed out of durable High Impact ABS Thermoplastic to withstand aggressive attempts on your valuables. There is enough for room wallets, watches, mobile phones, keys and other valuables. It comes standard with a high quality commercial grade 3 digit re-programmable lock so you can set your own unique code to lock up your valuables.

The AquaVault has a combination lock, not a key, so all those that need to access it can be given the code

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