Bird Alarm Clock

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Waking up to the sound of birds cheeping should get us in the right frame of mind to start any day. It is even bird shaped, so you get the full bird effect without any of the poop.

The Bird Alarm Clock features the sound of real birds chirping away (recorded in Japan), or you can just opt for the generic beeping alarm when you don't require the bird song.

There’s also a talking function in English and Japanese if you prefer to be told to get up and out of bed.

Use the included stand for your bedside table or, if you prefer, hang it on the wall. Includes a calendar and snooze feature.

Choose from light blue, brown, or natural dark wood.


  • Material: ABS plastic and wood
  • Bird: 6.49″ w x 2.6″ h x 11/16 thick
  • Stand: 3.93″ tall
  • Battery Operated

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