Introduciung The Stink Time Poster

Introduciung The Stink Time Poster

Posted by Nuku on 17th Oct 2017

Stink Time Poster

This is the first of Nuku's very own product lines. Introducing Mr Stink....... You will find him quite handy wherever he turns up.

Imagine: You are a 19 year old student living in shared accommodation in your second year of university. In the middle of the night you get up after a night on the ale to go to the toilet only to find that your housemate has just used the bathroom and left behind a hideous stench. The smell hits your nose like a right hook from Mike Tyson and your stomach reels in disgust. You lurch for the toilet in desperation as you realize that the contents of your curry is about to make a second appearance. Impulsively you stick your head down the offending toilet and spray vindaloo over the bathroom floor, some of it making contact with the toilet bowl and splashing back up into your pale, sleepy face. There is now a grotesque mixture of vomit and poo stains in the toilet, making the delicate flush of the cistern an uncertain entity. Faced with a blocked toilet and the mixed aroma of a typical student flat you crawl back to the safety of your bed and hope that one of the girls will wake up and clean up the mess, so disgusted at the behavior of her male housemates, she takes the moral high-ground and dons the Aldi marigolds.

Solution: The Stink Time Poster. Imagine a second scenario where the student above, lets call him Pete, heads to the bathroom but instead of the impending doom that is about to unfold, Pete discovers that his housemate, lets call him Dan, has kindly used the Stink Time Poster to warn other housemates of the disaster zone that is waiting in the bathroom. The poster, helpfully positioned on the toilet door has been updated with the time since the last evacuation and the details of the offence. It provides useful information to the next toilet visitor such as how long it will take before it is safe to return, whether there is any toilet roll required, air freshener, soap, or maybe even if the toilet is rendered out of use until further notice – i.e. until female housemate, lets call her Barbara, gets up to unblock the toilet and fumigate the area, leaving it fresh and clean until the next curry and beer night at the student union on Friday.

Everyone needs one of these don't they?????? Be sure to let us know if you agree....