What is this NUKU whatsit and were did it come from?

Posted by NUKU on 28th Mar 2017

NUKU stands for Novelty, Unique, Kooky, Unusual. As in gifts! NUKU is an online gift retailer supplying weird, wonderful and wacky stuff to UK and Worldwide customers. We are UK based, but a lot of our business comes from overseas consumers who appreciate the British sense of humour and love of all things a bit out of the ordinary.

NUKU started under the name of LazyboneUK back in 1995, when one bored twenty-something bloke got a bit disillusioned with his 9-5 job in a finance company. So, whilst living with his poor overly generous and slightly naive mother, this weird, slightly eccentric man-boy got a computer, got a dial up internet connection (eeee, errrrrr, brrrrr, iiiiiii, bep, bep, brrrrrr - you may need to ask someone over the age of 30 what this means) and started importing things that he thought looked interesting and selling this stuff on good old eBay.

‘Blimey’ thought the man-boy. ‘someone is buying my weird shit and I can afford to buy beer’. So the boxes of weird stuff kept arriving and someone kept on buying. Eventually, after the man-boy hadn’t seen daylight in about 2 years and started to show signs of malnourishment and rickets - his poor mother could no longer get into her house without tripping over boxes of squirrel underpants – and his friends started to notice how uncharacteristically enthusiastic about life the man-boy had become, he decided to get a warehouse.

A proper grown-up website was built and LazyboneUK was born. Banana Boxes and Selk bags were flying out of those warehouse doors and the Ports of the UK suddenly started to fill with shipments of more and more weird shit from all corners of the globe.

So 20 years on, after a bit of rebranding, some updated technology and a much bigger warehouse, the man-boy is now greying and has got some ooompah loompahs on board to help him carry the responsibility of helping people to buy unusual gifts for their loved ones.

So after all of that waffle, we reach the KPI, USP and FYI of NUKU. Let’s cut through all of that corporate bull and lay our cards on the table….

Since the early days of LazyboneUK there are a “one or two” more online retailers offering similar goods. Oh and then there is Amazon who are taking over the world, eBay is getting bigger and bigger by the millisecond, and there isn’t much that you can’t source on the superfast, superefficient and super-broadbanded internet these days. That is why NUKU are trying to stay true to that man-boy dream of selling weird shit and not following the other inferior retailers like a flock of bleating sheep. Yes we do sell quite a lot of the same stuff, but quite often we manage to source it first. We also sell some of our own weird shit that you simply can’t get anywhere else because it has originated from our own unique minds (and ooompah loompahs have some strange ideas, some of which are really not suitable for our website). Our ethos is ‘never sell something that you wouldn’t show to your Nan’. Admittedly your Nan would have to be fairly open-minded but we really don’t like upsetting people or crossing lines. We like to think our site is very ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and will make most people smile. We like making people smile.

Have we finally reached an ‘elevator pitch’ that describes what NUKU offers (little nod to our American fans there ;). ?? Lets try this..

“NUKU – providing online gifts that are novel, unique, kooky and unusual. UK and Worldwide delivery for customers who are looking for inspirational gift ideas to provide something that little bit different. Discover the Unusual at nuku.co.uk”

Hope that clears things up a bit.