Deface Laptop Skins

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The ultimate in laptop skins, each design invites interaction with the spectator. The launch collection includes body x-rays, TV screens and record decks designed at just the right perspective to make passers-by double take! You appear to be wearing a bikini or behind an X-ray machine. Each design is unexpected, eye-catching and incredibly clever.


Choose from: At The Beach (Bikini), Poser (T-shirt and sunglasses), Music Lover (Headphones), The Singer (microphone), The DJ (Turntable/decks), X-Ray

Deface Skins can be trimmed to fit and are made from high quality materials prevent scuffing which can be removed easily. They also provide you with a quirky way of personalising your laptop and interacting with the people around you. Give your laptop a new look, Deface your laptop today!

Made to fit 15.4" laptops and smaller


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