Disappearing Mugs

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Mugs with a difference....just add any hot drink and watch how the picture changes. Six to choose from.

Global Warming Mug: Forget all the meteorological research, this mug will show you what happens when the polar ice-cap melts. Bad luck if you live in Norfolk...

Vincent Van Gogh: A few years ago, cutting off one's ear was considered to be a meaningful present (or so thought Mr van Gogh). Watch the mug as his ear disappears when it gets warm.

Cheshire Cat: What an odd mug, add a hot drink and the cat disappears but its grin stays.

Henry VIII: If only disposing of his wives was this easy, add tea or coffee and watch how his wives are erased.

Disappearing Dinosaurs: Watch the dinosaurs turn into fossils as you add hot water.

Adam and Eve Mug: Add hot water and they suddenly don't seem quite so innocent.




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