Eden's Paper

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Did you know that every year enough wrapping paper is thrown away in the UK it could wrap around the world 9 times! Well now you can go one better than recycling your wrapping paper and plant it in the garden. Grow fruit and Veg or flowers from something that was previously being used to wrap your (or someone else's) presents - how amazing!

Eden's Paper is infused with seeds, so plant it and they will grow. The Wrapping Paper is made from 100% recycled paper and biodegradable. The Ink used in the wrapping paper is made from vegetable ink!

Choose from: Carrot, Brocolli, Tomato, Bell Pepper, Sunflower, Chilli and Onion.

Eden's Paper uses a tried and tested form of technology that allows the seeds to become infused into the wrapping paper. Once the wrapping paper is planted into the ground it will start to biodegrade, at this point the seeds will start to germinate. Germination will depend upon the soil and temperature so will vary.

It'c certainly a novel idea, burying your wrapping paper in the ground. But it all makes sense, it's made from recycled paper, you don't create waste and you get to grow some lovely fruit, veg or flowers in your garden. The ideal gift for someone that likes gardening and has an environmental concscience.

Each sheet of paper has the corresponding design, so carrot has pictures of carrots on it... well, you get the idea.

Ok so we might specialise in unusual gifts, well now you can wrap that gift in some pretty amazing and unusual wrapping paper!

Each sheet measures 45 cm x 70 cm
Printed on 100% recycled paper
Printed in vegetable inks
1 x sheet

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