Flying Alarm clock

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You can ignore the beeping sound of your alarm but you can't ignore a helicopter flying around your room.

The time is 7 o’clock, a whirring sound is emanating from your bedside, you look up in a blurry confused daze to see something flying across your room and a loud ringing coming from your bedside. The only way to stop the chaos is to jump out of bed, catch the whirly flying thing and re-attach it to the loud ringing thing. If that’s how you want to get out of bed every morning then please go ahead and buy one, if not then have a look in our clock section and buy one with some pretty lights on.

The Flying alarm clock is pretty much as it sounds, an alarm clock which makes alarm noises and a flying bit which comes to life when the alarm goes off. All you have to do is set the alarm as you normally would. When it’s time to get up the helicopter bit of the clock will fly off, and the only way to switch the alarm off is by sticking this back in the base.

This might sound like a very annoying alarm clock, but lets face it, we do set the alarm to get our lazy bums out of bed, and this will do exactly that.

Requires 4 x AA Batteries

Measures 14x 14x10cms

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