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Standard Future Map:
Magnetised Future Map:

Future Maps bring the wall map into the 21st Century. They use the latest technology and turn what used to be a normal wall map into art, a sophisticated accurate and striking piece that will bring any wall to life. This creative cartography has greater visual impact that would complement todays living environments and office spaces.

These maps utilise a 'cylindrical equal area projection', this represents countries in their correct proportional size, something that a lot of maps do not do. It achieves this by sacrificing shape, particularly in the areas closest to the poles. The result is an alternative and thought-provoking vision of our planet

The modern look of the Future Maps comes from combining colours with an advanced printing process. The colours where there is political allegiance is linked, however this does not work throughout as a total of four colours are used to fill the land masses. 

Future Maps are printed using a Lithographic printing process. This works like a mechanised version of traditional screen-printing. A plate is made for each colour and then laid down individually. It gives you a stunning quality print with great definition and colour impact.

The beauty of Lithographic printing is that the process allows you to print with special colours not achievable by digital printing. 

All the Future Maps are printed onto the highest quality silk-coated paper, giving a low surface shine and luxurious finish. Once printed, a sealer is added to the surface of the paper. This helps protect the inks, allowing you to gently wipe it down with a damp cloth. The maps are finished with an ultra violet gloss varnish that is applied to the landmasses only. This adds a contrast of textures to the surface of the print that light plays off to great effect.

There are two types of map available, the standard Future Map and the Magnetic Future Map. The magnetic map is encapsulated in plastic and then mounted onto a flexible sheet metal to give a safe, durable, write on/wipe off surface that magnets will stick to. The map is easily fixed to the wall using two magnetic strips that run along the top and bottom of the map. The strips have an adhesive side that sticks to the wall, allowing you to remove and reposition your map as often as you like. Your magnetic map comes with a dozen magnetic dots to mark places of interest and three stronger magnetic pins that allow you to use your map as a notice board.

Both the standard map and the magnetic map come in a choice of two colours. Either yellow, red and purple or blue, emerald, pink and yellow. Both stunning modern pieces of wall art.

Above: Yellow, red and purple.

Above: Blue, emerald, pink and yellow.

Measurements: 1015 x 575mm
Packing: Tubed


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