Liquid Powered Clock

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Don't buy batteries for your clock, just water it. Pour in virtually any liquid and watch your clock come to life. Learn what liquids power your clock for longer. Building the clock encourages an understanding of basic electronics and how batteries, conventional or alternative power products work.

A clock that that can run on fruit juice, fizzy drinks or even vinegar!

Have fun experimenting with the different liquids that can power the clock, and how long their energy lasts. This product has been designed to encourage such experimentation and discovery of the need for alternative power sources.

The pack contains one digital watch module, a clock base, 2 plastic caps, 2 copper strips, 2 zinc strips, a liquid contained, a container cover, clock stand, base plate, pendulum, resistor, 3 spring connectors, a copper and zinc strip container and a pair of goggles.

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