Magisso Magnetic Kitchen Cloth Holder

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Are you tired of seeing your kitchen cloth hanging on the tap or draped on side of your sink? Magisso has finally solved the age long problem of storing your kitchen dish cloth. Magisso has developed an aesthetic and functional holder that is quick and easy to install. It does not require any drilling and it will not scratch or stain the surface of the sink. The concept is simple, the holder is fixed with two strong magnets that easily allows you to remove and replace as needed. Your kitchen cloth is out of sight and able to hang dry yet it is still within reach.
Just watch the video below!

  • Choose from stainless steel in metallic finish or a acrylic/black plastic version
  • Holder is fixed with 2 strong magnets
  • Easily allows the holder to remove and replace
  • Dimensions: 18L x 2.7W x 5.7H inches