Money Laundry Bag

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The Money Laundry Bag is a practical alternative to a basket and even better than that big pile of clothes in the corner. The bag is large enough to pack most your soiled clothes into so even the less co-ordinated of people should be able to launch their undercrackers so they land close to the target.

The Money Laundry Bag easily folds away when not in use but you can just get it out the draw when it's time to transfer the pile of shreddies and other garments from the bedroom to the washing machine.

If you often come home to find your loved one has distributed his Y-fronts all over the bedroom, then just sling all the washing in this bag and leave it outside, they'll soon learn to keep their grundies in order, from now on they'll be right were they should be.

A note to students: you can probably save up about 2 weeks washing in one of these.

The Money Laundry bag is machine washable. The old-style bank money bags take on a new role… carrying laundry instead of cash.

Made of 100% cotton with printed dollar symbols on two sides and with a chromed plastic cinch.

The bags come in two colours - white or grey.

Size: L36" x W24"