Monster Movie Making Kit

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The Monster Movie Making Kit contains a film studio along with all the props and characters you need to create and direct your own B-Movie. Once you've come up with a plot and script for your film, begin by assembling the city backdrop scene, 3D card monsters and range of buildings. Cut out the frightened city dwellers, upturned cars, military aircraft and street features from the provided card to add some acting talent and props to your movie.

You can start recording your movie by using a smartphone or camera, then use apps to add special effects that will make your movie stand out from the crowd. There are no set rules for the film so you can make it as simple or complex as you like. When you have the finished article you can upload it to the internet and compete with other film makers. - A.D.


  • Make your own monster movie
  • Kit contains a set, props and characters
  • Set measures 56cm x 38cm in length
  • Film the movie on your phone or camera
  • Edit and upload your film to the internet to compete with other film makers

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