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Hollow fiber bonded 2x100g/sqm
Polyester Diamond 50D/290T
Temp Comfort::
7?C / 45?F
Temp Extreme::
-13?C / 9?F
Temp Extreme::
-13?C / 9?F

For the latest version the SelkBag Click HERE.

The MusucBag is the all-in-one suit. Made for sleeping in as well as walking around in. A sleeping bag and one piece suit rolled into one.

Like the Selk Bag the MusucBag features ventilation zips on the legs to cool you down, MP3 pockets to fall asleep to your music (Musuc Bag Kids model only) and durable canvas on the feet to walk to on. The MusucBag unlike the Selk Bag has contrasting coloured stitching and some different materials.

Outfitted with MP3 pockets where you can fit in your MP3 player or iPod, this is a walking, talking – or should we say singing – sleeping bag, that comes with arms, legs, pockets and ventilation flaps – all for the convenience of the sleeper or wearer.

The second you climb into the MusucBag you get an instant feeling of comfort. You can just lie down anywhere and feel right at home. The design really does provide a sense of freedom and mobility all while being isolated in your own personal zone.

Sizing Information. (If between the size we recommend you go for the larger size). It is however difficult to get the perfect fit for everyone all of the time. We're all different sizes!

  • Medium - 5ft 6 - 5ft 8
  • Large - 5ft 10 - 6ft 2 / chest measurement: 50 inches
  • Extra Large - 6ft 4 - 6ft 7

If you have any doubts over sizing of your MusucBag let us know. We are here to help!

Designed by Rodrigo Alonso the MusucBag is the first of its kind, the first sleeping you can but with arms and legs allowing you to walk around without getting out of your sleeping bag, you need never take it off.

If you're vertically challenged or a child then do not despair there is a smaller version of the MusucBag. It's the MusucBag for Kids, coming in different colours and smaller sizes.

The MusucBag is very well designed and warm and comfortable, if however you're planning on using your MusucBag or SelkBag please look at the temperature rating for the conditions.

The Musuc Bag shell is made of nylon rip-stop with a rating of 70D/210T, w/r, w/p and is lined with a micro-fiber filling rated at 290T/50D. There are several pockets on the Musuc Bag to provide more convenience while moving around.

 Technical Information: Total Weight: Approx. 2 kg Comfort Temperature: 7°C Limit Temperature: 2°C Extreme Temperature: -13°C

Watch a short video on the Musucbag below (fairly amusing):


Washing instructions: Hand wash with a soap detergent. Do not iron. Do not wash with dark colours. Tumble Dry (max 30 °C). Do not bleach. Do not wash more than necessary.

The MusucBag can be machine washed at your own risk, but it is recommended using the above guidelines for sustaining the quality of the sleeping bag.


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