Pass Gass

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It's the new game to play and the next big hit and probably the only one where you have to Pass Gass (family game that is) You won't find many games that involves smells, not unless you invited granny round and had sprouts for dinner.

It's a bit like spin the wheel but with a dogs tail. You might end up lucky or you might lift the puppys tail to find its parped in your face.

The Dog Passes Gas and it might be pleasant or might be abhorrent - a russian roulette with farting dog.

Pass Gass set includes a spinner, dice, plastic dog and three different scent cartridges that range from pleasant smells to horrible pongs.

  • Party game featuring large dog toy
  • Makes flatulent sounds and emits smells
  • Three scents: one pleasant, one neutral and one unpleasant
  • Random number of tail presses triggers sound and scent
  • Also includes dice and cardboard spinner