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A game for the more refined amongst us, no beer swigging, burping or boyish behaviour. This is not Beer Pong, it is Pong for the posh, yes even posh play Pong. Pong with which there is class, refinement and Prosecco.

The way in which one would play Pongsecco is to politely agree who goes first, once this is decided you can then let loose, throw the golden balls, burp Prosecco gas and shout like a lout.....

Of course how you play and the end result is up to those taking part. Pongsecco is for everyone that might not like Beer Pong. So crack open the Prosecco, invite your friends around for a game of Pongsecco and see what emerges from the bubbles.

Pongsecco is the twist on the classic beer game but with more bubbles.


You get 12 clear plastic glasses and x3 golden balls

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