Secret Agent Alarm Clock

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The Secret Agent Alarm Clock is not just for secret agents. It's for anyone that wants an alarm clock with the ability to project the time onto the wall - oh and it's shaped like a gun. The handy thing about this alarm clock is that you can aim the gun onto whatever surface you choose, so you don't have to face the clock in any particular way, just pull the trigger and aim.

Place the gun under or near your pillow

So if you're dreaming of being a secret agent, or just want to fire the time at the wall late at night then this gun is for you. No bright LED lights keeping you awake, when you want to know the time just shoot it at the wall!

The Secret Agent Alarm Clock projects the time onto the wall by pulling the trigger. It also has an alarm (as the title might suggest) and a snooze function. Gun shaped and ready for action, this alarm clock might be unusual but it's functional, fun and of course strictly for use by secret agents only.

Just make sure you've not been followed to bed or the gun is in reach of your other half, the last thing you want is for them to be projecting the time in the middle of the night..

The gun must be placed under your pillow or near the bed as it vibrates.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

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