Stigo Plus Electric City Bike

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Stigo+ is the world’s fastest-folding electric scooter

Stigo+ is a battery powered, L1e street legal electric scooter/bike that can achieve 25 miles at a maximum speed of 16mph on a single charge. It folds into a wheeled suitcase-type package you can take pretty much anywhere.
Stigo+ was developed in response to the need expressed by many urban commuters for an electric bicycle or scooter.
However, there was always the problem of where to store the vehicle. It is not that easy to take a bicycle into a city apartment or find a place on the street to charge your electric scooter.

The Stigo solution is really simple – it folds into a wheeled suitcase-type package you can bring along anywhere and charge from a regular outlet.




L1e street legal electric scooter
Lightweight 15.3kg
Folds up / unfolds in 2 seconds
Folds into a wheeled suitcase-type package
Reaches speeds up to 16mph / 25kmh
Drives up to 25miles / 40km with a single charge
Charges via any standard 240v wall plug socket

The only difference between the Stigo and the Stigo+ is battery capacity. The standard Stigo model has 1 battery and can achieve approximately 10-12 miles on a single charge. If you need longer range then Stigo+ with 2 batteries is the way to go - Stigo+ can achieve approximately 20-25 miles per charge. The exact range will depend on the weather, terrain, rider's weight and riding style.

Charging time is approximately 3 hours to fully charge the battery(s) for both Stigo and Stigo+ models.


The Stigo+ comes with a 2 year limited warranty on electronics and a 1 year battery warranty.

* The battery should be charged a minimum 2 times per month.

>> Click here to view the full Stigo warranty <<

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