Stink Time Clock

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The Stink Time Clock is a compulsary item for every office, student house, bachelor pad, and let's face it every toilet ever! No one wants to breath poo particles. And this poster is a revolution in bathroom etiquette.

No longer do you have to open the toilet door to be confronted by the results of your co-workers beer and curry binge the night before. Oh no.... you have the Stink Time Poster to pre-warn you of when the toilet was last used and abused.

One look at the Stink Time clock hands and you will be invaluably informed of when it might be safe to enter the toilet zone.

Agree amongst your co-workers or housemates what the best system is for you all to use. Here are some suggestions;

METHOD 1:  Housemates or for general home use. Set the exact time that the toilet was used for a number 2. This method means that one look at your watch will determine an informed guesstimate of when it might be safe to return.

METHOD 2: Office workers. Use each marker as a minute - so use both hands to point to 1, 2 3 4 or 12 minutes before you think your own poo particles might have dispersed. You are afterall in the hot seat to reliably inform your associates of how long this may take. This method is best used where the toilet is visable by everyone and when you go to the toilet - everyone knows about it!

Ok so it might not be a fool proof system and it's certainly no VIPoo, but it will at least make you laugh.


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A4 poster (21cm x 29.7cm)

Blue/White tac not included!

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