The Small Viking Axe Game

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We don't advise to start throwing axes around, but then again you can go to a pub with drunk people and throw very sharp darts around...

The Small Viking Axe Throwing Game is not for small Vikings, it is small axes, Viking style axes. This is actually pretty much like Darts, but with axes. We will guarantee this though is mught more addictive than darts and much more fun. This is about as much as technique, how you thorw the axe and eventually where it lands, it's not just about hitting a target.

With every set you get:


  • To feel like a true Viking
  • Bull's-eye with twine
  • Storage sack made of hessian
  • 3 small throwing axes
  • 9 extra shafts - You can also buy extras if need be
  • Tool set for replacing shafts
  • Instructions and game rules


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