Unicorn Discovery Kit

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Some say that Unicorns are real. Those say say that they're real are usually correct in a many subject areas. So all being said Unicorns are definitely real and they are out there somewhere. That's where this kit comes in. With the Unicorn Discovery Kit you should be able find you inner Unicorn and discover if a Unicorn can ever be part of your life.

You will get a Unicorn membership card, a journal, a map of Unicorn land and your very own inflatable Unicorn Horn. The horn is a pre-requisite before taking part in any Unicorn activities, just deflate when not required or a non-believer might try to steal it.


  • Thick cardboard box filled with unicorn items
  • Box is 7" x 5" x 1-1/2"
  • Includes stickers, membership card, dream journal and more!
  • Only for people serious about unicorns

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