Wake‰Ûªn‰ÛªShake LIGHT

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If there's a clock that does just about everything it can to wake you up in the mornig this is it. This wake and shake clock does just that, if however you prefer a more gentle wake up on the weekend then set the clock to light up as though the sun is rising, getting brighter by the minute. Thanks to it’s simulated “Sunrise” function, allowing your eyes to slowly become accustomed to the light conditions and your body to gently prepare itself for waking up.


  • Lamp function
  • Simulated “Sunrise” function
  • “Good night” function
  • Illuminance : 300lux
  • 2 different programmable alarms
  • Alarm options : Lamp – Vibrator – Ringer (Radio, programmed ringer or ambient sound : frog, rain, wind, bird and sea)
  • Radio with 5 programmable radio stations : 86.9 to 108 MHz FM
  • Adjustable tone
  • Adjustable volume
  • Adjustable screen brightness (4 levels)
  • Adjustable lamp light (15 levels)
  • Clock display : 12/24h
  • Audio connector for external source via 3.5mm Jack
  • USB port to recharge mobiles and other electronic devices

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